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Session 1 Log

Session 1
Our heroes-to-be begin their epic tale in the capital city of the Dragon(Tatsu) Clan, Enkai, as mercenaries for hire looking to gain renown and respect by acting as guards for the Imperial Gathering, a yearly summit where the clan leaders meet to discuss various political situations. As commoners with no standing within their faction, they are thrown out of the landing by the rude guards. Then, they meet Ameno Uzume, a young girl who offers to help them in exchange for letting her travel with them after running away from home. Rather peculiarly, she happens to share the name with a goddess but is not affiliated or related to that particular goddess in any way. After deliberating on whether they should slaughter her and possibly obtain divine powers in the process, they decide not to and instead head to the city’s guild as per Uzume’s advice. They register themselves with the guild and are now of the lowest possible standing within their respective factions. Our adventurers, led by Uzume go on a tour of the city, where she warns about insurgents lurking in the back alleys of the streets, seeking to bring the downfall of the Empire. Under the hope of being able to overthrow the monarchy and reform the biased, bigoted hierarchy of the Empire, Douji sneaks off and decides to seek out the bandits, where she is promptly apprehended by Terada, accompanied by Kusanagi and Uzume. They question Douji what she was doing in the dangerous back alleys of the city, to which she finally admitted that she was trying to seek out the rebels. Eventually, their questioning is interrupted by the presence of the rebels, who threaten them to leave. Terada, with his training in the bone-breaking martial art of the kappas, Koppo, deftly incapacitates the man who appears to be their leader, following which the bandits decide to flee. Our adventurers come to the consensus that it would be a good time to leave, and promptly exit the back alleys and head to the nearest inn to seek shelter for the night before undertaking their first quest for the Guild, which entails defending the merchant trading routes from bandits.


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